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  Relocation Management

It is not just about moving goods and people from one point to another. It's about efficiency, accountability, finding the right suppliers, ensuring satisfaction every step of the way to save time and money. And, it's what we do best with our team of experienced moving professionals and suppliers.

Lloyd Anderson is your single source for exploring, planning, furnishing and managing workplaces for businesses of all sizes.

Through planning preparation, execution and control of your relocation will eliminate confusion; minimize your downtime, unwanted disruptions and enable your organization to achieve its relocation objectives.

Irrespective the size or complexity of your move, from the initial logistical plan development based on the schedule and stated expectations, to the final walk-through, we at Lloyd Anderson ensure a smooth, speedy relocation into your new allocated space.

Our Relocation Services include:

    • Home relocation

      This involves the packaging and transportation of personal effects from one point to another.


    • Staff relocation

    We assist with the setting up of staff and administering all the necessary arrangements involved in relocating a staff from one station to another

    • Corporate relocation

    This is the movement of an individual a division or arm of an organisation from one destination to another.

    • Office relocation

    Like the home relocation, it entails packaging, transportation and setting up of office equipments.


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